Radix DM System Requirements

Radix DM System Requirements

Radix DM is a Windows application that replaces the use of Windows folders for the storage and management of shared documents and email.  Use Radix DM to securely share project documents, client documents, HR files, policies and procedures and any other types of document required.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008r2 or later (either 32 or 64 bit editions).
  • Remote Desktop Services is supported.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or later, including Express Editions.
  • .NET Framework 4.6
  • 300MB free disk space plus space required to store documents.


  • Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (either 32 or 64 bit editions).
  • 8 GHz processor or above.
  • 1GB RAM minimum (2GB recommended).
  • 150 MB of hard-disk space for program installation.
  • 1024x768 resolution display.
  • .NET Framework 4.6
  • Optional: Microsoft Office 2007 (limited support), 2010 or later (either 32 or 64 bit editions).

The minimum requirements for a single computer installation are the same as Workstation above with the addition of at least Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition.


For Network Administrators

The following information is aimed at network administrators that require a more detailed understanding of how Radix DM operates once installed.


  • Radix DM uses single sign-on authentication based on each user’s Windows username. As such users are not required to enter a username and password when using Radix DM.
  • Access to Radix DM document Library Groups is controlled by Workgroups. An Active Directory Group can optionally be associated with each Workgroup providing simple administration of security settings.
  • Files are stored in Windows folders which allow access to be controlled using standard Windows security. This allows for seamless management of security between folder permissions, Windows Groups and Radix DM Workgroups.
  • The Radix DM database may contain connection strings for accessing remote databases which may include a username and password (if integrated authentication is not used by the remote database). All such connection strings are encrypted in the Radix DM SQL database.


  • The Radix DM installation process creates a single Microsoft SQL Server database which can be installed in any instance of Microsoft SQL Server available on the network.


  • While document metadata is stored in the Microsoft SQL Server database the documents themselves are stored in regular Windows folders.
  • Each Radix DM document Library Group can store its documents in a different folder. These folders can be located on any drive on any server.
  • Document Library Group folders are accessed using UNC paths, no drives need to be mapped for users.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Radix DM has no unusual backup or disaster recovery requirements. The Radix DM Microsoft SQL Server database should be adequately backed up and included in a maintenance plan.
  • The Windows folders for each Radix DM Document Library Group should also be backed just as any other Windows folder is backed up.

Services and Scheduled Tasks

  • The Radix DM Indexer service and the Radix DM Crawler (running as a scheduled task) need to run on a server.
  • The Radix DM Indexer Service is set to start automatically by default.
  • Neither program is critical and Radix DM will continue to operate (with reduced functionality) in the event either or both programs stop.

Client Installation

  • The Radix DM Client can be installed in a few minutes by running the Radix DM Client installation package. The installation package can be scripted to install silently for network rollouts.
  • The Radix DM Client can only be installed by users with administration privileges. After installation, however, no elevated privileges are required by the user to run Radix DM.


  • The Radix DM Client installation process will create a shortcut in the Startup folder.

Multi-site Installations

Where Radix DM is to be installed for organisations with two or more locations and documents stored in Radix DM are to be shared between sites the following applies:

  • A single central Radix DM Microsoft SQL Server database is created and users at all sites must be able to access the central database either locally or via a VPN/WAN.
  • Radix DM document Library Groups can store documents at (1) a central server accessible by all staff; (2) locally on a server at each site; (3) a combination of both.
  • Where Radix DM permissions allow, users at one site can see and open documents stored at other sites provided they have access to the files via Windows folder security.


Further Information

Please contact Radix Software for more information or if you have any queries.

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