Installing the Radix DM Server

Installing the Radix DM Server

Technical Requirements

Before proceeding with the installation please ensure all servers and workstations meet the minimum technical requirements for Radix DM.  Please refer to the article of the support site for more information. 

Before installing Radix DM

Installing Radix DM is a straight forward process, but there are a number of steps to follow before it can begin:

  1. Radix DM requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 or higher to run.  All machines that use Radix DM software must have this version or later installed, please check to see if it is installed.  The full package for this program is at:  Other Windows Installer dependencies may also need to be installed before this process can be completed.
  2. Determine which machine will host the Microsoft SQL Server database that will be used to store Radix DM data.  This database must be Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 or a later version.  The current free Express version of Microsoft SQL Server is available from:
  3. Ensure that the Microsoft SQL Server user login for the Windows user who is installing Radix DM has permission to create a new database OR that a new dedicated user has been created for use with Radix DM that has this permission.
  4. Determine the location of the shared folder where the Radix DM primary installation will be set up.  This network share is where configuration and installation files will be stored.  It is also the default location of all document files stored in Radix DM (although this location can be changed in Radix DM Administration).  For the purposes of an example, we will refer to the following location: \\SharedNetworkLocation\Programs

Installing the Radix DM Program

Run the executable program RadixDMInstallation2.X.exe as a System Administrator on a typical user’s PC.  This machine should not be a network server or the location where the primary Radix DM files will be installed.  Instead, the program should be installed to a location from a client computer, thereby ensuring that similar client machines at the site will be able to successfully connect to the Radix DM database and access the shared network folders.

When prompted, enter the password supplied by our Sales Team.  The program will decompress files required to install the program.  After the introductory and License Agreement screens, you will be prompted for the network share location for the installation as per the screen below.  This network share must be available to all Radix DM users.

The following screen will display the success of the preliminary installation operations:

The installation process will then run a number of scripts to create the database used by Radix DM.  Enter the details required as per the following screen below.  Note that if the "Windows Authentication" option is selected, then the current Windows user must have permissions in Microsoft SQL Server to create the Radix DM database.  If the "SQL Authentication" option is selected, then the user whose name was entered must have permissions in Microsoft SQL Server to create the Radix DM database.  If errors are generated during this process they will be displayed in dialogs that appear on screen with information about the error.

If the server that the Radix DM database has been created on is configured to not permit mixed mode authentication (i.e. it is set to Windows Authentication mode only), then users will need to be configured to have access to this database.  The best method for this option is through the selection of Windows User groups to grant permission to, a function which is available from the next screen in the installation sequence.  If no changes are required to the permission set for the Radix DM database, then click the box “Do not change Database Security”.

The Radix DM installation will then be complete.  On the final screen, leave the box "Start Client Install when complete" ticked to install the Radix DM Client on the current machine.  You can test that the software has installed properly after installing the Radix DM Client by double-clicking on the Radix DM icon in order to start the Radix DM Grabber. 

As part of the Radix DM Client installation only one Radix DM user will be automatically added to Radix DM, the Windows logon for the first user who installed the Radix DM Server.  This user will need to log in to Radix DM Adminsitration and add other users to Radix DM before those users can log in and use the program.

Radix DM Program Folders

The Radix DM primary installation creates a number of folders at the network share location:

\Config: This folder stores information about the Radix DM installation, including a connection string to the database that was set up as part of the installation procedure. 

\DocumentQueues: This is a folder used internally by Radix DM.

\Documents: This is a default folder set up as a base path to store all the documents saved into Radix DM.  This location can be changed.

\Index:   Searches for text within documents require the creation and maintenance of text indices by the Radix DM Indexer service.  This folder is created as the default location for these indices.  This location can be changed.

\Installations: Other executable programs that can be installed as part of a complete product installation can be found here in their own subfolders.  These include the Radix DM Client and Radix DM Indexer programs.

\Quarantine: The Radix DM Crawler program can identify files located in the document store that should not be there.  By default, the Radix DM Crawler is configured to move these files to this location.  This location can be changed.  

After Installing Radix DM

A number of other component programs are included as part of the Radix DM installation.  These programs should be configured correctly to ensure that the system is operating successfully.

The Radix DM Crawler is a program that is included as part of the Radix DM Client installation.  While it is installed on every machine by default, it only needs to be run on specific machines as discussed in the following section.  Once it has been configured and scheduled to run at specified intervals, this program will confirm that data stored about the documents in Radix DM matches the actual file details.

Two other programs are used by Radix DM.  The installation executables for these programs are available in subfolders in the \\Sharednetworklocation\Programs\RadixDM\Installations folder.  

The Radix DM Client (RadixDMClient2.0.X\setup.exe) is the software installed on each user's computer that interfaces with the document store and the Microsoft SQL Server database to provide the core user functionality of the program.  The Radix DM Client provides the Radix DM Grabber, Radix DM Save and Radix DM Search functions.

The Radix DM Indexer (RadixDMIndexerService2.0.X\setup.exe) is a service, installed on only a single machine, which manages the text indexing of documents stored in Radix DM.  In this way, users can search not only for information stored about documents, but also by the contents of the documents themselves.  This function is not available if the Radix DM Indexer is not installed, configured and running.

For information about installing or configuring each of these programs, please consult the appropriate section of this document.

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